Bruno Donizate and Rene Sava

I enjoy relaxing with a good book but don't mind another distraction, like when my stepbrother Bruno visits. I'll stop everything for him. He needed a massage from his older stepbrother, like when we were younger. He removed his shirt and laid his head on my crotch as I rubbed his shoulders. My hands moved around his soft skin while he closed his eyes and relaxed. But that didn't last long as we began making out and taking our clothes off. Bruno's mouth is fucking amazing, especially when it's sucking my cock. Getting head is great, but Bruno and I love when I give his cock some attention, and that's what he came over for. He got that and more as he teased my hole until his jizz spilled from his cock, landing all over my lips.
Featuring:  Bruno Donizete, Rene Sava
Release Date: 08/03/2023