Bautista Nores and Will Nouvak

There is not one ache that Bautista Nores soothes with his sexy twink hands. Will Nouvak finds out the hard way, a situation that is not as bad as it sounds. Bautista and Will have just finished a workout preparing for the summer league, but the exercise comes at a price to Will's body. Lucky for him, Bautista has taken a few classes on ways to rub out a guy's aches, especially hunks that come with a hot mouth. Will removes his shirt while Bautista makes his move and begins rubbing his teammate's back and neck before travelling toward his beautiful ass. Will stands up and gives Bautista a better view just before bending over on the bench and giving him the best seat in the house. But Will doesn't mind working for his massage and uses his mouth on Bautista's big cock to show his appreciation.
Featuring:  Bautista Nores, Will Nouvak
Release Date: 03/28/2024