Bautista Nores and Bruno Donizete

When the head of the football team asks for a massage, you find the time to do as he asked, with no hesitation or regret. Especially if they are who you've been dreaming about since you joined the team. For me, that's Bruno, and now Bruno's on my massage table, and I only had his best interest in mine. So If that means I have to touch his smooth, naked body with lotion, then that's what I have to do. His skin was warm to the touch. Getting my hands on him made my cock wiggle, especially when I got down to his beautiful ass. I stuck my finger in his hole, and he moaned. It wasn't his first time. I flipped Bruno over, and he was rock hard. I sucked his big cock until he shot his load on my tongue.
Release Date: 12/15/2022