Angel Kade and George Hanskey

I’ve been waiting for my stepbrother Angel to ask for a massage ever since I began training to be a physical therapist. We’ve shared a room for eight years before we got our own. I’ve studied every single piece of his physique and couldn’t wait to get my hands all over him. The curve of his body and ass continues to drive me crazy. So the possibility of getting my hands on his ass and cock was all I needed to say yes. It started out normal, but then I got him naked. I couldn’t resist grabbing and rubbing his ass and taking a peek at his hole. I teased his boy with my fingertips and a light touch. I then flipped him over and was happy to see his cock standing at attention. I took my oil and poured it on his cock. He liked how it felt when I rubbed it onto his dick and started stroking his meat. After a while, Angel began cumming all over his stomach and my hand. Maybe I can do my stepdad next.
Featuring:  Angel Kade, George Hanskey
Release Date: 08/19/2021