Andreas Griffin and Milo Dusek

Sometimes my stepson, Milo, is a handful. He got suspended from school and had to stay home. He wasn't going to sit around and play games all day. I made him work his ass off, but I also know that his young body sometimes needs daddy's touch. After his chores, I told him to get into his pink jock and lie on the massage table. I started gently touching his back, legs, and ass. My cock was too hard just from the thought of sucking my cock while I rubbed him that I didn't wear any undies. When Milo felt my cock growing harder, he knew he would have a great massage. I rubbed his body with lotion before he began stroking my cock and taking it into his mouth. I flipped my boy over and stroked his dick until he fired cum out of his beautiful cock.
Featuring:  Andreas Griffin, Milo Dusek
Release Date: 11/24/2022