Andreas Griffin and Mark Wolf

It’s one thing to do something nice for your stepson, but another when you are erect from looking at their half-naked body as they nap near your feet. That’s the situation I found myself in with my stepson, Mark, the other day as we spent a boy’s weekend away from home. I couldn’t resist waking him up with my foot and straddling his back as my hands moved around his smooth body. I got to his ass and started playing with his hole with my finger. I didn’t go too deep, but enough for him to know I was there. But my cock had a mind all its own, and I had to set it free. I rubbed my wood on his crack like a hotdog between a bun before flipping Mark over and putting my finger and dick inside his mouth. After teasing his dick with my hole, I took his cock in my hand and stroked out his sticky load.
Featuring:  Mark Wolf
Release Date: 08/04/2021