Andreas Griffin and Glen Hut

My stepson, Glen, looked so cute hanging out on my bed. I walked in for his rub down and woke him up with my touch. He knew he just had to relax, and I would take care of him. I mounted his back, grabbed the lotion, sprayed some on his back, and started rubbing him as he moaned. That is always the best sign to get from your boy. I took my shorts off and continued to massage his skin. My dick started getting hard as I grinned against his ass. There was no reason to keep it in my jock. I pulled it out for some skin-to-skin action. I kept rubbing his body with lotion, paying attention to his beautiful asshole. I teased it with my dick as he moved his ass around. Eventually, he turned around and took it in his mouth. After a few minutes, I flipped him over and finished him with my hand.
Featuring:  Andreas Griffin, Glenn Hut
Release Date: 10/20/2022