Andreas Griffin and Fran Roux

I love teasing and touching my stepson's young, beautiful body. It excites me to see so much to see him relaxing and enjoying my hands as they flow all over. That’s what I did to Fran as he chilled at my place one hot summer afternoon. He’s my stepbrother, but I’ve been training him as my boy for years. I started massaging and rubbing his legs and crotch, which got his attention. Then I took his undies down and started playing with his cock. I straddled his body as he lay on the couch and continued rubbing his chest, stomach, and dick. I removed my underwear and grabbed both our cocks. It was so hot having his dick rubbing against mine. After more massaging, Fran eventually shot his beautiful load. Just an ordinary summer day.
Featuring:  Andreas Griffin, Fran Roux
Release Date: 07/11/2022