Andreas Griffin and Bruno Pattel

My stepson, Bruno, loves when I give him a massage. I know he’s been working hard on getting through the school year and could use a little daddy time. So while Bruno was reading, I walked over and started rubbing his neck. He then took his shirt off, and I continued with some lotion. I could feel my cock twitch as I rubbed Bruno. Then I noticed his dick move, so I reached over and grabbed it to let him know I liked what I saw. As I continued massaging, my wood stood up, and I let it out. Maybe it was me playing with his hot ass that got my dick’s attention, but now it was hard, and my boy knew to take care of it. I loved having my cock in my boy's pretty mouth, but it was still all about Bruno as I flipped him onto his back and stroked his dick until he shot his load.
Release Date: 06/27/2022