Andreas Griffin and Bautista Nores

I've never met a boy like Bautista before. There is something special about him that I can't pinpoint, but I love it. He came over after a long day and needed some attention. I can't say that I didn't need some special attention of my own, but my boy's pleasure always comes first. I put his hand on my dick because daddy's dick makes him happy, but it wasn't all about me this time. He laid down on my bench, and I started rubbing his body, moving from his shoulders to his ass. It was going well, then my dick got hard, and I had to get undressed. And once that happened, I had to rub it all over his firm ass while continuing to rub his body. But my boy is happiest when my dick is in his mouth, so that's what I did. He sucked my dick until I turned him around and stroked out his load. Anything for my boy.
Release Date: 05/19/2022