Alpan Stone and Amon Volkov

It would be great to have a hot twink stepbrother nearby whenever you needed a massage. It's even better if that rub cums with a happy ending. Something Alpan Stone and Amon Volkov know all about. Alpan was hanging in his room when his stepbrother Amon walked in, sat on his bed, and asked for a massage. Alpan wasn't about to let the opportunity to get his hands on his sexy bro walk away. Alpan helped Amon remove his shirt while he grabbed some oil. Amon loves when his stepbrother shows his ass some love as he grips it tight and gives it a good rub. But all that touching must have done something to Alpan. He pressed his hard cock against Amon's smooth ass before flipping him over and taking both cocks into his hand. Alpan stroked the two hard cocks before diving down on Amon's dick with his mouth. You're going to enjoy what happens next.
Featuring:  Alpan Stone, Amon Volkov
Release Date: 01/18/2024