Alex Tyler and Nick Sawyer

After a long night on the town, it was clear that Nick had enjoyed himself, but his feet were paying the price. Luckily, his boyfriend, Alex, was there to save the day. Alex started on Nick’s sore feet then moved up his leg as Nick laid back and relaxed. But why stop there? Alex then removed Nick’s pants and started rubbing his thighs before taking off Nick’s shirt and massaging his chest, arms, and hands. But then things started moving in Nick’s southern region, and Alex took notice. Alex took off Nick’s undies and started massaging around his dick. Nick loved the sensation of having his cock in Alex’s hand as he began stroking up and down but was more interested when Alex took his dick into his mouth. That’s when Alex’s handy work started to shine. He sucked and stroked Nick’s cock until it was time to turn him over and play with his ass. He licked and poked it before returning to Nick’s hard cock and watching it shoot a hot load.
Featuring:  Alex Tyler, Nick Sawyer
Release Date: 12/02/2021