Alex Montenegro and Rororora

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always been looking out for my younger stepbrother, Rororora. From homework to learning how to masturbate and not get your socks crusty, I’ve been there for him. So when I visited, and he told me his feet hurt, I knew giving him a foot rub was the right thing to do, but so was playing with his cock. Something I haven’t done since last summer. I started on his feet and made sure to hit all his pleasure zones. I could tell pretty quickly that he was enjoying it. I took his pants off and started rubbing his legs before lifting his shirt and eventually removing his undies. I love playing with his penis when it’s soft because it gets hard in my mouth, and I get to drink his load right from the tap. Are you still wondering how you masturbate and not get a crusty sock? Have a stepbrother there to clean you up.
Featuring:  Alex Montenegro, Rororora
Release Date: 08/16/2021