Alex Beat and Scott Smith

Scott Smith is usually not so distracted, but it took the promise of a great massage from Alex Beat to get things moving in the right direction, leading straight towards Scott’s dick. Scott is on the bed, focused on the game playing on his phone, and does not even stop to acknowledge his friend Alex, who's come to visit, in the room. Alex tries to make his presence known, but it is not working. He decides to climb on Scott's back and give it a rub. That finally does the trick. Scott puts down his phone as Alex removes his friend's shirt and continues the massage. It doesn't take long for Alex's hands to find their way south, groping Scott's ass. But ass isn't what Alex is after. He wants more, and Scott lets him have it as he flips over and gives his buddy his cock to stroke and suck till they are both satisfied.
Featuring:  Alex Beat, Scott Smith
Release Date: 03/07/2024