Alan Caine and Andy Ford

A little rub goes a long, long way. Andy had a rough day at school and could use a little light massage to take the edge off. Lucky for him his old friend Alan was in town. He used to give Andy rubs when they were younger. Andy had no problem helping out and came right over. They went to Andy's room and started with some light touching on the bed. Alan then removed Andy's shirt to get some cream on his back and shoulders before removing Andy's shorts and exposing his sexy jockstrap. Alan continued to rub Andy, adding cream to his legs. Andy then flips over so Alan could do the front. It was a pleasant surprise when Alan started to touch Andy's cock. Alan stroked his friend until he released his load all over his hand and Andy's stomach. Just the release Andy needed.
Featuring:  Alan Caine, Andy Ford
Release Date: 06/17/2021