Aaron Vigo and Gael Macias

My stepbrother and I are super close. Actually, he's my boyfriend. Our relationship started before our parents married, but it's still the hottest buzz in town. One day, Gael and I were kissing on the couch when I decided to offer him a good massage. He's been working hard and needed it. To be honest, so did I. After mounting his back, he started moaning as my hands moved across his muscles. I could feel my jock slowly filling up as I played with Gael's hole and butt with lotion. I flipped him on his back, rubbed his chest, and then his dick until he was hard. It had me so horny I had to grind my ass on his wood and then suck it until he erupted on my chest.
Featuring:  Aaron Vigo, Gael Macias
Release Date: 03/09/2023